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Yippy!  I am an official blogger!  For my first blog, I'd like to mention how much fun I have had researching and playing around with the different sites available to create free websites.  I have learned so much in such a short period of time about how to create websites with the various tools.  I have already created a second blog for my students to use instead of their Readers Writers Notebooks to reflect on passages they've read.  I've set it up for the first story in our curriculum and plan on asking our new administrators for permission to use the blogging tool in September.  Please stay tuned to check out how my website develops, as my mind is spinning with all of the resources I could add to this terrific communication portal. 

Another thought.... With my new knowledge of creating free websites,  I could make my cousin an extra little wedding present.  Her wedding is next week in Florida.  We have a large family and not everyone can attend.  Since my daughter is the flower girl in the wedding, we will be flying down to take part in the celebration. Throughout the planning process, she has felt terrible that members of our family who are dear to her could not afford to make the trip, and she has questioned her decision to hold the ceremony/reception so far away from where so many of us live (NY and NJ).  How wonderful would it be for me to create a website to post pictures and videos.  I could add a wiki and others could post or add content as well for all to see! 
7/8/2011 04:41:40

Great job! Mrs. Spalt ROCKS


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